Congress resolution promises to deter defections

| Updated: 2018-03-17 21:30:10

Congress resolution promises to deter defections
New Delhi, March 17 : Plagued by defections in some poll-bound states, especially in the noortheast, the Congress on Saturday said that it will consider legislative disincentives to end the practice and also debar defectors from contesting elections for six years.

The political resolution, adopted at the party’s plenary here, noted with concern, that the provisions of the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution have not achieved the objective of discouraging defections.

“Speakers of Legislatures often misuse their authority as Tribunals by selectively proceeding against legislators in the Opposition and protecting those belonging to their own party,” it said.

“This, has impacted the credibility of the Office of the Speaker. This issue must be addressed. Congress will consider introducing legislative disincentives to put an end to this practice and to debar the defectors from contesting any elections for six years to check brazen misuse of money power to create political instability,” it added.


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